A Kenyan school taking the extra mile to raise school fees for its needy students.

by Sophie Mbugua

A recent report on education by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) shows that 1 in every three families in Kenya and Uganda borrows money for school fees. Meet vulnerable students from Njumbi High school in Murang’a county in central Kenya whose parents cannot afford to raise their school fees since joining the school.

How is Covid-19 economic impacting mental health well being and drug and substance abuse in Kenyan students.

The school office of the Champlain asked the school managed to allow it to manage the school canteen to help raise the fees that cater to these students’ school fees, uniform, pocket money, or logistics to and back from school. What are the challenges the students faced? How does the canteen generate income, and how is the cover-19 pandemic jeopardizing the school’s fundraising efforts? And how can you help put a smile on these children this holiday season?

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