Kenya, to succeed in Blue Economy, invest in research and local communities advices scientist

by Sophie Mbugua

The blue economy has an abundant potential to contribute to faster and higher GDP growth in Kenya, according to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Innovation and growth in the coastal, marine, and maritime sectors could deliver transport, energy, food, among other products and services and serve as a foundation for sustainable development in Kenya.

Kenya’s marine and coastal fisheries sector support an estimated two million people directly and indirectly. From fishers, processors, traders, input suppliers, merchants of fishing accessories, and related services providers.

Dr. Melchizedek Osore, a research scientist at the Kenya Marine and fisheries research institute, says that despite the important role in income generation, food security, and the projected benefits under the Indian Ocean is not well researched compared to the pacific.

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Dr. Osore told the Africa Climate Conversations that Kenya has not invested in the oceans in a way that beneficial to the economy. He says investing not only in research but also in the coastal communities is key if the country realizes the blue economy goals.

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