Building resilience in Africa

by Sophie Mbugua

Africa accounts for total funding of $300 million of the f The pilot project for climate resilience is a USD1.2 billion adaptation funding window of the climate investment funds under the Strategic Climate Fund.

Lorie Rufo, the climate Change Specialist for the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, told theAfrica Climate Conversations that the adaption funds worked with Mozambique, Niger, and Zambia, among other countries, to build community resilience. The fund has also supported Ethiopia, the Gambia, Madagascar, Malawi, and Uganda to prepared their climate-resilient investment plans. What are the results?

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Mozambique is Africa’s second most threatened country by climate change after Madagascar. The country benefitted from the climate resilience funding for its Sustainable Land & Water Resources Management Project. Cesar Tique, the agriculture, rural development, and climate change specialist at the African Development Bank in Mozambique, tells us how the project has helped build community resilience.

This Episode is part of financing change in Africa series made possible by a collaboration between  the continent’s premier development finance institution – the African Development Bank Group, the Climate Investment funds and the Africa Climate Conversations. 

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