Climate-related loss and damage: Who pays?

by Sophie Mbugua

Climate impacts such as floods, droughts, firestorms, shifting seasons, sea-level rise, salt-water intrusion, the spread of vector-borne diseases, and devastation from cyclones and other extreme weather events are becoming more frequent than before.

In Kenya’s Baringo County 22 schools have either been wholly submerged or destroyed following the swelling of Lakes Baringo, Bogoria, and lake 94. Jacob Chepkwony, the Baringo County deputy governor, says the county requires nearly 550 million shillings that is nearly a 4.5million US dollar for the education sector to recover.

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Chepkwony says the administration challenge now is balancing resettling the displaced and achieving the development goals the administration has set to achieve. But for a continent responsible for about four percent of the global emissions, and heavily susceptible to rising temperatures, who pays for these disasters in the future?

The episode is part of the mental health and climate change series, made possible by a grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists.

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