Environmental Solutions Trailer

by Sophie Mbugua

From 06th July, we are starting a new series highlighting environmental solutions.

We will go to the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo along Lake Edward one of the smaller African Great Lakes shared by these two countries. We will find out how a new fish landing site equipped with water and sanitary facilities is changing fishers’ lives who defecated in the nearby bush for years, sold fish straight from the lake without cleaning it due to lack of clean water.

After that, travel to the Niger West of Africa. In the second biggest city of Zinder. We meet communities earning a living from harvesting, pounding and selling wild fruits. How are these communities allowing natural regeneration of the wild fruits on their farms, contributing to the greening of the Sahel while improving their livelihoods? What wild fruits are there?

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Before returning to Nairobi and Cape Town, South Africa looking into greening cities as the population grow, and skyscrapers take up every available space. Why are these green spaces essential? How are they improving lives among youths in these cities?

Are you implementing an environmental solution on the ground within Africa that you would like featured in this series? Please write to us using info@africaclimateconversations.com

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