Tips to compost kitchen waste in the balcony without a smell

by Sophie Mbugua

Did you know that an estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste. It means about 1.3 billion tons of grains, fruits, seafood, vegetables, meat, and dairy that either never leave the farm, got lost or spoiled during distribution, or thrown away home kitchens, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores or schools.

But food wasted and dumped in landfills is heat up by the sun. Over time, it emits greenhouse gases that warm up the planet we live in. As a result, contributing to droughts, floods, landslides, warming of the sea becoming frequent and severe

Also listen to how much kitchen waste does your household generate?

Today, Maite Guardiola, the co-director of Dudu Dunia, June Kimaiyo, and Catherine Cherop from Dudu Dunia – a Kenyan organization specializing in composting kitchen waste are talking about how to compost our kitchen waste on our balconies, odorless. And, of course, tips to minimize kitchen waste.

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